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Woodwind Gourmet: Irish Coffee

“Frederick the Great [1712-1786] used to make his own coffee, with much to-do and fuss. For water he used champagne. Then, to make the flavor stronger, he stirred in powdered mustard. Now to me it seems improbable that Frederick truly liked his brew. I… Continue Reading “Woodwind Gourmet: Irish Coffee”

Woodwind Gourmet: Tiramisu

“Every morning I have to write, correct, and score till one o’clock, when I go to Scheidel’s coffeehouse in Kaufinger Gasse, where I know each face by heart and find the same people every day in the same position: two playing chess, three looking… Continue Reading “Woodwind Gourmet: Tiramisu”

Woodwind Gourmet: Pan-Fried Chicken with Red-Eye Gravy

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was known to burn the midnight oil, feverishly scribbling out brilliance by candlelight. Responsible for creating reams of new, original music for very prominent performances for myriad occasions throughout the year, he may have felt his life was a long… Continue Reading “Woodwind Gourmet: Pan-Fried Chicken with Red-Eye Gravy”