Chamber music is often described as a conversation between musicians. Performing without a conductor, each instrument contributes its own unique twist and perspective to the central theme while the musicians work together in shifting roles to keep the piece aloft and in motion. The members of Manitou Winds are excited about this conversation and are eager to share it with audiences.

Manitou Winds was founded in May 2014 and has become a versatile chamber ensemble comprised of passionate musicians. Seldom performing solely as a wind quintet, the group enjoys breaking off into many different configurations aided by the multi-instrumentalists within the ensemble.

Often exploring uncharted genres and shedding spotlight on new or obscure composers, ensemble members also invent repertoire through their own arrangements and compositions. Audiences are always assured of hearing unique music not to be found elsewhere.

What is the typical Manitou Winds concert experience? Every concert is different, but each has a central theme with a variety of music selected to expand and explore it, inspiring creativity and further learning. To guide us along, there may also be works by guest musicians and vocalists, poets, essayists, visual artists — all gathered to create a unique concert experience.

Through our collaborating artist program, we’re able to explore art in other media and discover universal aspects of the creative process while highlighting local artists and their work. By combining visual arts, poetry, history, and even the culinary arts (via our own Woodwind Gourmet) into a single concert program, our ensemble seeks to bring the engaging, evocative nature of chamber music to broader audiences in Northern Michigan.

Manitou Winds


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