Highlights from “Sail Away Summer”

This video contains excerpts from several numbers presented in our “Sail Away Summer” program:
Is This a Poem? (world premiere) by J.T. McKinney
Word Search” from Seven Unfinished Stories by J.T. McKinney
Seven Bagatelles: V. Game by Peter Schickele
The Old Ash Tree by J.T. McKinney
David Bradley Beaton’s Jig by Joey Beaton, arr. L. Hood & J.T. McKinney
Willow Song by J.T. McKinney
Happy Feet by Laura Hood
Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder, arr. J.T. McKinney

Recorded live at the Old Art Building in Leland, MI, August 25, 2023. Video captured by Tom Riccobono and James Deaton, edited by Jason McKinney.

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