The Album


First Flight is a 16-track collection of all-original music composed by ensemble members Laura Hood and Jason McKinney. The eclectic set list captures the heart of our live performances, showcasing a mix of Classical, Celtic, and Folk music performed on a colorful array of instruments.

The album features high-quality, full-color artwork and liner notes so you can follow along with the performance any time. The full album will soon be available via digital download via CD Baby and iTunes.

Manitou Winds’ musicians are volunteers. Creation of this unique project was made possible through support from our community. We’re forever grateful for your support and are eager to share our music with you! Sales of First Flight will enable us to continue performing free concerts throughout Northern Michigan, collaborating with local artists, and growing our mission of spreading inspiration and the intimate joy of chamber music.

Our Debut Album
First Flight is a collection of original works composed by ensemble members Laura Hood and Jason McKinney. Highlights from the album include:

    First Flight – (2016) A musical homage to Rebecca Lessard, founder of Wings of Wonder, a raptor sanctuary and rehabilitation center located in Empire, MI. Composed by Laura for flute, clarinet, guitar, and harp, this two-movement piece takes you on a journey of healing as an injured raptor is rescued, rehabilitated, and finally released back into the wild to soar. More information about this piece can be found in the article on our Manitou-Zine blog.

    Midwinter Twilight – (2018) Music and narration composed by Jason, this work premiered at our 2018 Winter Songs & Carols concerts. Scored for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and piano, evocative prose and music intertwine to paint a wintry landscape bathed in fiery colors just after sunset.

    The Old Ash Tree – (2018) Jason composed this work for flute, clarinet, bassoon, guitar, and harp in honor of his grandfather, Bryant McKinney. Learn more about this piece by reading the article on our Manitou-Zine blog.

    Summer Waltz – (2016) A simple waltz portraying the quiet of a soft summer evening in Northern Michigan. Composed by Laura for flute, clarinet, guitar, and harp. You can learn more about this work by reading the article on our Manitou-Zine blog.

    The Wedding Suite – (2015) A four-movement work for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, and piano composed by Jason. From the Mozart-esque processional to the emotional roller-coaster of the recessional, the suite encapsulates the intimacy, romance, and traditional pomp that are part of every wedding ceremony.

Thank you for your generous support. We look forward to sharing First Flight with each of you!

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